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Laura’s Gone Is Now Available Everywhere

The headline is really all you need to know, please go and buy it.

17/12/2021 00:00

A picture of (from Left to Right) Dan Nightingale, Carl Reigler, Finnlay Kulavuz, Adam Rowe and Steven Woolford at the Motor Museum Recording Studios in Liverpool.

Laura’s Gone is now available absolutely everywhere. Preorders are over, you should’ve preordered Laura’s Gone already but no new longer need to. It’s instead now available to just buy on Amazon and the iTunes Store. Laura’s Gone is now also available to stream on YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Deezer.

You need to grab the original, the acoustic and the remix to give us even more of a chance at Christmas number one. That counts as three sales toward the same chart position so if you buy all three on Amazon and the iTunes Store you’ve contributed six sales toward us getting Christmas number one and all of the profits from your sales will be split equally between the amazing charities Zoë's Place Baby Hospice and Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.

Streams count a lot less than sales so please buy every version and then listen to it on streaming as much as possible (watching the music video on YouTube unfortunately won’t count). Tell everyone you know to buy every version. Share the single on all of your socials with #LaurasGone too, everything helps. Buy, stream and share it everywhere you can.

We’ve got a week to smash this and we can’t do it without you. Thank you to everyone for the support so far, let’s keep going. Use the button below to get Laura's Gone.

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